Tuesday, July 15, 2014

idc-0_0 sings

idc-0_0 sings: Just the Way You Are....-Bruno Mars

idc-0_0: her eyes her eyes make the stars look like they not shining..her hair her hair, falls perfectly without her tryin..
idc-0_0: she's so beautiful
idc-0_0: and
idc-0_0: i tell her everydat
idc-0_0: everyday
idc-0_0: don't even bother asking if u look okay u kno i'll say
idc-0_0: when i see your face
idc-0_0: face
idc-0_0: there's not
idc-0_0: a thing that
idc-0_0: i would change
idc-0_0: cuz girl
idc-0_0: ur amazing
idc-0_0: just the way u r 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Super happy

Okay I got meez cash and I'm super happy. :) It looks awesome. I got meez cash shoes, meez cash cat socks, tapin hat, tpain shorts and a gas mask. I look totally cute.
me and my friend. I'm novi101aliengirl. I look cute, don't I? Do I shine bright, tonight? Maze paint, too.

Monday, May 12, 2014


1, All Black Items
Black Diamond Cat Ears
VIP Hair
Twilight Kitty Tank
Bandoiler Belt
Dancer Shorts
Cat Paw Shoes
Cat Necklace

2, All Black Items
Rescue Eye Patch
VIP Hair
Gift Crown
Skull 1 Strap Tee
Rebel Pants
Two Toned Boots

3, All Black Items
Puffy End Hat
Sugar Kitty Skull Tank
Bandoiler Belt
Apple Bottom Pants
Cat Paw Shoes
VIP Hair

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Story 2

Sugar Kitty looked up. Her chin bled from her sister's punch.
"Don't mess with me okay?" Black Skittle kicked her in the head, making her sister bleed more and then she walked away.
"Owwuch!" Sugar Kitty groaned as she stood up, rubbing her forehead. Her older sister disappeared around the corner.
"Are you okay?" Her oldest sister, Thunder Cat, pranced up behind her. She stopped and helped her younger sister up.
"Black Skittle is a child abuser!" She shouted. "Not that I am a child."
"Quiet now, shush now." She said.


At school, Sugar Kitty saw her friends, Novi, Cam and Tori. Tori went off on her own, because she hated Sugar Kitty. 
"Hello, Cam and Novi. Camilla and Novix!" Sugar Kitty said.
"SHUT UP!" Novi insisted. "I hate my name. Your lucky that I didn't hit you over the head!"
"Yea! I hate my name, too! So you shouldn't be saying it!!" Cam screamed. 
"Okay, okay. Sorry." Sugar Kitty said, feeling sorry for her friends. 
"Whatever," Cam said, angrily. 
"YEA! I'm out..I have to go to study hall!" Novi said, darting down the hall. 
"Is she crying?" Cam asked. "I see tears flowing from her face..." 
"I think she is crying." Sugar Kitty said. 
"We not ask her." Cam insisted. "Shall we?"
"We shall not." Sugar Kitty said, shaking her head. 


Tori sat on the couch next to her older sister, Novi. She poked her. 
"Could you not?" Novi asked. "I am trying to study, you idiot."
"Whatever." Tori got up and walked into the kitchen 
"IDIOT!" Novi called. 

novi101aliengirl Cam
Outfit name: Tori Novi
Outfit name: Sugar Kitty Sugar Kitty 
Cam Tori 
Novi101 Thunder Cat
meow Black Skittle