Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of Meez. Meez is available on Facebook and regular internet. You can buy animations with Meez coinz and m's. You can also buy clothes with this stuff. If you want your own room instead of going to a public room, everyday, u can create and custimize a room of your own! I on the other hand have 4 accounts. All on Facebook. All I have given nicknames and or code names. So don't worry. My usernames are, lunaverse, alielectric111, novi101aliengirl and miss_i_luv_cats. lunaverse and novi101alien girl each have 2 nicknames each. One is their goth name then the other is the code name. lunaverse's 2 names are Killer and Avery. novi101aliengirl's names are Shadow and Kitty.  alielectric111's name is Luna. miss_i_luv_cats' name is Wu. If you can't find any cool or good animations, look here:

Here you can find some intesting rooms, animations, and clothes. You can also see VIP animations. So yea. More to come, later.