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Animations And Effects For VIPs And Non-VIPs

Animations (All):
Christmas Lights
Blood Drips
Love Radiance
Shattered Hearts
Heart Rain
Candy Cane Drops
Cupid Shuffle
The Jerk
Walk It Ou
Danjo Dance
The Shuffle
Hammer Dance
Whip My Hair
Gangnam Dance
GrillzZombie Dance
The Reject
Jump And Wave
Single Ladies
Miley Cirus
Cheer leading with pom poms
Lay Down
Casual Sit
Knee To Chest
Anime Giggle
Evil Plotting
Bat Transformation
Fist Pump
Possessed Float 
Over the Shoulder
Like It's Hot
Tina Hip Moves
Vulcan Calling
Present Flowers
Heart Sign 
Bird Word
Get The Money
Do The Monkey
The Creep
Zombie Dance
Severed Head
Spin Upside Down
Crab Coronation
Scorpion Bend

Frustrated Scream
Double Punch
Jump Kick
Islnad Two Step
One-Arm Balance
Scale Stand
VIP Break Dance
VIP Flirt
VIP Side Lay
VIP Monthly Animation 

Story: Silver Blood

Silver Blood
By Emma Lippincott

I stared at the window. "Hmm. If a perfect girl were to come to school, I'd be ruined."
But how was I supposed to know that the next day, my saying cam TRUE?
I walked into class and my friend's waved for me and used their hands that they saved me a seat. "Over here, Novi!!" My friend, Thunder Cat said.
"Hee hee!" I say laughing. Thunder Cat is a total cat addict! She has curly black hair, like the rest of us, she has light skin that is very pretty, too. She wear a pair of Diamond Cat ears (because she's half rich), a belt made of pointed cylinders made to look like bullets, a cat tank top (or as she calls it, a Twilight Kitty tank top). Her shoes are made to look like cat paws. She wears short shorts that she calls "Dancer" shorts (they have the Dancer written across the butt and across the Right Leg). Thunder Cat has leggings that are ripped in the front.
"COME ON!! F?!" My other friend, Tori, laughed. "Who cares about school?! I'm too awesome to care!!"
Tori wears a girly cute tee shirt, with flat looking pants. Her shoes are boots that look worn out, but she's still popular.
"Tee hee!" Sugar Kitty whispered to the girl sitting next to her. The girl rolled her eyes and went back to reading. What a nerd.
Sugar Kitty wears a sugar kitty skull tank top, a belt that looks exactly like Thunder Cat's. (They are sisters, so bought at same store at mall.) Her pants have the word: Apple Bottoms written across the bottom. She wears cat paw shoes, too. She wears a funny looking hat on her head.
"HAHAHAHAHA!!" Cam laughed through her mask. Cam is my best friend forever. She has curly black hair, like the rest of us, she also has a rescue patch over her left eye (she has no eye under it). She wears arm warmers, rebel pants, two shades of black fuzzy boots, and a shirt with one strap.
Black Skittle huffed, "I made it in time! Thank goodness!" Black Skittle is Thunder Cat and Sugar Kitty's sister. She wears a Hawaiian skirt and a plain tank top. She has headphones around her neck, leather gloves on her hands, bloody heart socks and fuzzy black boots.
"IT"S TIME FOR A CELEBRATION OF THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" I yapped. "Sleep over at my house tonight! Old friends, Kitty Crazy, Luna Rainbow, Avery Black and Wu Ling will be there, too!"
"Then I hope Wu goes back to China and gets hit on the head with a rock on the way back. Avery gets lost in a dark alley, Luna and Kitty just drop dead all of a sudden." Thunder Cat says.
I stare at her. "BE NICE!! I HAVEN"T SEEN THEM IN FOREVER!!!" I screamed.
"Well, I do mean it." she coughs. "Well, sorry!"
I stared at her, then hit her over the head with a book.
"Ouch!!!" She screams. "What was that for?!"
"Because I want you to be nice to them, I haven't seen them since elementary school." I say, annoyed.
"WELL, SORRY! Excuse me for not noticing." Thunder Cat says.
"You have to admit, they are kind of lame." Sugar Kitty says, looking at her perfect nails.
"STUDENTS! Welcome. We have a new student, Jenny Long." Mr. Henderson points for Jenna to sit down.
A french manicure and pedicure?! Is this girl rich?! I think. I get up and walk over to her. I stare at her. She's PERFECT!! PERFECT NAILS, HAIR, EVERYTHING!! 
"Hell. I am Jenny." she says.
"I am one of the popular girls!!" I say. "Your invited to my sleepover tonight."
"No thanks." she said. "I haven't had a girl shot, so I can't be t a poor girl's sleepover."
"UGH! Are you french?!" I ask.
"Whatever." she laughs. "I am French. But my name hails from China. I am a mix."
"OH, SHUT UP!" I scream at her. "YOU LIE!!"

"Welcome to my house," I smile. "All my friends are here. Be one of US, Jenny."
She flashes her eyes all innocent like. "WHATEVER. I can't be one of YOU."
"Why?" Black Skittle asks. 
"Because I have not had an idiot shot." Jenny flicks her French manicure at us. 
"GET OUT!" I scream. 
She walks out. As she walks away, takes out her phone, she says, "You'll NEVER be a popular as ME!"
"YOU'RE LAME!!" Tori cries. 
A limo pulled up. She turned from us and smirked.
"UGH. She's perfect!" I shouted in anger. The limo pulled away. She waved and flipped her eyelashes all innocent like. We all turned to go inside the house when I felt a wet spot on my back. I turned around. "AW! GROSS!!" I scream. It was egg. Jenny had pelted us.
"Disgusting!!" Sugar Kitty cries. I stare at Jenny through her window and made a pukey-face. She frowns. But I smile.
All my friend's give her a smirky smile to her.
I stare at My bff's. A car pulls up in the driveway. A girl with black eyes, black hair and black clothes get's out of the silver van. It's Avery. Avery Black.
"AVERY!" I shout. She stares at me like I'm insane. I look at her then at my house. "Let's go inside, it's cold out here." She smiles and agrees. Thunder Cat nods her head as she walks inside.

Inside, I group everyone into a circle. I say that we are gonna play Duck-Duck-Goose but Black Skittle pipes up and says that that is lame. She suggested we play Hide and Seek because My house is big and full of places to hide. I count to ten and everyone runs off. 
When I was done, I had no idea where everyone was hiding. I found Sugar Kitty hiding behind the sofa. Black Skittle was in my shower. Sugar Kitty was hiding under the kitchen sink. Thunder Cat was hiding in plain sight on the comforter chair. Tori was using the restroom and had no time to hide, so she locked herself in the bathroom. Avery and Kitty were both hiding in my room, trying to stay behind my cat statue. Wu jumped out and tried to scare me when looking for her. 
But Luna was the hardest. Luna was no where to be seen. And Avery had also disappeared. Soon I saw blood traces of SILVER BLOOD. My friend's and me started to follow them. I found Avery. But we followed the Silver Blood down to the cellar. There we found Luna. But she was dead and covered in Silver Blood. We left Luna there. 
Avery said, "There's a monster that comes out in the dark to kill. And when a victim dies, it leaves them covered in Silver Blood." 
I flipped. But then I realized Kitty was gone. I screamed. We found Kitty in the attic also dead. Tori screamed. What was I gonna tell their parents? That they just died?!
The rest of us who were alive went up to my room, kept on the lights and locked the windows and doors. We thought it couldn't strike, but it did. Wu was now dead. everyone screamed and ran out of the house. Only passing the Kitchen, Mom was dead, too. So was Dad, in his office. We screamed and ran for our lives.
But little did we know that we were all about to die. A mist came. I saw nobody. I heard people gasping for air then nothing. I was the only one alive. Or half alive. I screamed for help. But no one came. I sat down and cried. Soon, I felt a jab into my side, I fell over, and closed my eyes for forever. 

Animations I TOTALLY Must Have

mc= meez cash

Hearts- 800c
Flowers- 700c
Brush Off Your Shoulders- 800c
Vulcan Call- 10m
Bird Word- 1000c
Get the Money- 1000c
Crab Coronation- 2000c
Scorpion Bend- 2500c
Kick- 2500c
Uppercut- 2500c
Spin Upside Down- 1500c
Crazy- 1000c
The Creep- 900c
Severed Head- 1200c
Do The Monkey- 1100c
Cat Daddy- 700
Possessed- 1000c
Like It's Hot- 1100c
Tina Hip Moves- 1000c

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I got 2 new animations yesterday:
They Are:
Over The Shoulder Pose
Now I have 62 animations

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I found new animations!
m=meez cash

animations I want:
In General-
Bird Word 1000c
Get the Money 1000c
Crab Coronation 2000c
Bird Calling 10m
Possessed 1000m
Severed Head 1200c
The Creep 900c
Do The Monkey 1100c
Flowers 700c
Hearts 800c
Cat Daddy 700c
Crazy 1000c
Uptown Electrical Foxy-
Hand Stand 1200c
Over The Shoulder Pose 800c
Selfie Pose 1500c
Tina Hip Moves 1000c
Like It's Hot Dance 1100c
Mercy Hill Morgue-
Spin Upside Down 1500c

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New Look

Aren't I cute?

I think the day I get to heaven, the gate keeper is gonna be like, "aren't you angel avatar, Novi?" 

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Backgrounds I want

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