Saturday, April 26, 2014

Animations I TOTALLY Must Have

mc= meez cash

Hearts- 800c
Flowers- 700c
Brush Off Your Shoulders- 800c
Vulcan Call- 10m
Bird Word- 1000c
Get the Money- 1000c
Crab Coronation- 2000c
Scorpion Bend- 2500c
Kick- 2500c
Uppercut- 2500c
Spin Upside Down- 1500c
Crazy- 1000c
The Creep- 900c
Severed Head- 1200c
Do The Monkey- 1100c
Cat Daddy- 700
Possessed- 1000c
Like It's Hot- 1100c
Tina Hip Moves- 1000c

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