Tuesday, July 15, 2014

idc-0_0 sings

idc-0_0 sings: Just the Way You Are....-Bruno Mars

idc-0_0: her eyes her eyes make the stars look like they not shining..her hair her hair, falls perfectly without her tryin..
idc-0_0: she's so beautiful
idc-0_0: and
idc-0_0: i tell her everydat
idc-0_0: everyday
idc-0_0: don't even bother asking if u look okay u kno i'll say
idc-0_0: when i see your face
idc-0_0: face
idc-0_0: there's not
idc-0_0: a thing that
idc-0_0: i would change
idc-0_0: cuz girl
idc-0_0: ur amazing
idc-0_0: just the way u r